What are the odds of a double yolker? About one in 1000 apparently. So what are the odds of getting a whole tray (30 eggs) being double yolkers which is what I got this morning when cracking the eggs for the days production? OMG!! We are into lottery ticket winning odds here…

Actually, rather less than you might think. Whilst the chance of getting a single double yolker out of a randomly selected batch of eggs is indeed 1 in 1000, it turns out that the selection can seriously skew the odds.

Explanation. We get all our eggs from Havensfield Happy Hens, a wonderful free range eggs business up near Hoxne. Double yolkers are actually produced by younger chickens whose laying cycle hasn’t settled into a steady pattern. The chickens at Havensfield grow up in cohorts, pecking and clucking away around their fields, so every now and again a whole groups of chickens enter the double yolk territory at the same time, and then on top of that the eggs are sorted for size (and we buy the large ones, which are much more likely to contain a double yolk) and boom! A whole tray of double yolkers.

It was quite fun though ….