Christmas rush

Christmas is cantering towards us at a terrifying rate, and we are busy producing in advance of what we expect will be a big one.

The situation has not been helped by our oven, Big Bertha, suddenly deciding to pack up due to a failed motor. This had to be replaced – but the part was delayed. . . When the part eventually arrivedit transpired that the impeller would not come off the old motor shaft so it had to be angle ground off which meant we needed a new impeller – So we order a new one of those but then that part was delayed, again . . .


It was all starting to feel like the Flanders and Swann song “The Gas Man Cometh”. In any event we finally got the oven fixed, but lost the best part of a week and half doing so, and we are now mad busy playing catch up.

Note to self – we need a backup oven.