A Sign!

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business”

The author of this classic marketing quote is sadly lost to time but it’s a great one never the less.

And very true in our case, since our unit sits at the far end of a long yard and looks like a house. This is causing lots of confusion with various delivery drivers who think they have arrived at the wrong address, turn around and disappear! Well not much longer as soon our huge purple backlit sign is going to adorn the building.

Purchasing a ready-made backlit sign turns out to be eye-wateringly expensive (why?!), so we decided to make our own. The aluminium back box and laser cut lid with our logo was fabbed up by the wonderful chaps at Laser Patterns at Parham airfield, who did an amazing job for a very reasonable price. We then sprayed it purple and fitted LED’s on the inside – tada! A sign for the times . . .